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Onsite training by author Danny Goodman
Email Safety Course

Email Safety 101 Cropmark

Email Safety 101 is a 90-minute cram course covering everything that spammers, scammers, and hackers don't want everyday email users to know. Attendees will gain a quick and thorough appreciation for all the items of value that are at risk every day through uninformed email handling.

A major focus of this course is experiencing the kinds of tricks that try to get recipients to open and respond to unsolicited email and the potential dangers that lie at the other end of an unknown hyperlink.

At the end, I supply a detailed, three-stage to-do list, including a detailed guide to safe ways of handling unsolicited email that gets through spam filters. Lessons learned here apply equally to work and home email handling.

There are a lot of email training courses out there for the IT department—Email Safety 101 is designed for the non-technical email user who is most at risk for compromising security.

Download the brochure (900KB PDF file).

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