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More details about the latest book by Danny Goodman
Spam Wars: The Book


  • "[I]f everyone just read through Danny's Spam Wars book and followed his common sense guidelines for securing your computer and minimizing your spam, we'd all be much better off." (Dave Taylor's Intuitive Life Business Blog)
  • "Spam Wars is much-needed reading for every small business and household.... Highly Recommended." (Midwest Book Review)
  • "Valuable advice? You better believe it." (Scripps Howard News Service)
  • "A title that should be in libraries as a definitive text on spam." (PC Update Magazine)
  • BEST of 2004 award winner (DT&G Magazine)
  • "The 'must read' spam book of the year, if not the decade" (Aunty Spam's Net Patrol)

Did you know that...

  • Spammers make money from your email address without your knowledge or consent?
  • Simply previewing a spam message can confirm your email address and earn a commission for the spammer?
  • Hackers constantly probe your PC for security holes, and frequently find and exploit them?
  • Billions of email messages, including ones you may want, are automatically discarded every day before they ever arrive?
  • A hidden program on your PC is likely spying on your Web activity and snatching your passwords?
  • Your PC may be sending floods of spam while you sleep?

Spammers, scammers, and hackers (crackers, actually) are destroying electronic mail. The email inbox that once excited you with messages from friends, family, and business prospects now causes outright dread and rage. With unsolicited and unwelcome email accounting for as much as 80% of the world's email traffic, it's time for all email users to act to turn the tide on this epic battle for their privacy and sanity.

In Spam Wars, veteran, award-winning technology interpreter Danny Goodman exposes the often criminal tricks that spammers, scammers, and hackers play on the email system and users. He also explains why the latest anti-spam technologies and laws can't do the whole job. Spam Wars provides you with additional insight on how to protect yourself from attack and help choke off the economy that powers today's time-wasting email floods.

Spam Wars puts to rest popular misconceptions about email, while equipping you with knowledge that email attackers don't want you to have. Goodman's crystal-clear writing can turn any email user into a well-armed spam warrior.

1.  Email Predators, Guardians, and Victims
2.  Grasping Spam (not SPAM®)
3.  How We Got into This Mess
4.  Behind the Curtain: How Email Works
5.  It's the Spamonomy, Stupid!
6.  How Spammers Get Your Email Address
7.  Meet the Spammers and Scammers
8.  The Spammer's View of the World
9.  How Spam Differs from Junk Mail
10.  The Antispammer's View of the World
11.  Spammer Tricks Part 1: Headers
12.  Spammer Tricks Part 2: Messages
13.  Beware Geeks Bearing Gifts
14.  Rule #3: Spammers Are Stupid
15.  Technology as a Partial Solution
16.  The Law as a Partial Solution
17.  An Email Manifesto To-do List
A.  All About Email Message Headers
B.  An Introduction to Spam Sleuthing
C.  Online Resources

Spam Wars - Our Last Best Chance to Defeat Spammers, Scammers, and Hackers
330 pages
Published by SelectBooks, Inc. (New York)
ISBN 1-59079-063-4
Softcover first edition, November 2004