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Reviews about Spam Wars (newest on top)
Spam Wars: The Reviews

As they say in Italia:

Ma resta la necessità di acquisire un quadro chiaro e sintetico dei meccanismi dello spam (compito qui portato eccellentemente a termine), per essere coscienti di molti dei 'grigi' meccanismi della rete, e della loro, altrettanto adombrata economia.

Read the whole review.

Another "Must-Read" Recommendation

My writer colleague, Dave Taylor, says some nice things about Spam Wars in his Intuitive Life Business Blog, which is geared to the business side of Information Technology. He notes:

If you're an IT person, CIO, or someone else responsible for keeping the corporate mailboxes spam-free, then Spam Wars is a must-read.

Read the whole review.

Bookviews Pick of the Month

Veteran book reviewer, Alan Caruba, chose Spam Wars as one of his picks for the month of April 2005. Read the whole review.

Midwest Book Review

In the Small Press Bookwatch section, the reviewer notes:

In a day and age where the worst possible spam can lead to identity theft and worse, Spam Wars is much-needed reading for every small business and household that relies heavily upon computers and the internet.

The review ends with a "Highly Recommended." Read the whole review.

TechTalk (Scripps Howard News Service)

Mike Berman's TechTalk column for February 16, 2005 talks about the book and says that it has "valuable advice." This review was syndicated to a number of local newspapers around the United States.

Read the whole review.

PC Update Magazine (Australia)

PC Update is the monthly glossy magazine of the outstanding Melbourne PC User Group. The February 2005 issue contains a review by Book Reviews Editor, Major Keary. Among the nice things he has to say are:

This is a most significant contribution to the literature and deserves a wide audience, from general readers to legislators and corporate executives who should inform themselves on a serious and costly problem. It is an example of good technical communication about something that is more than a nuisance: spam has the potential for great damage, direct and collateral.

He sums up by saying:

A title that should be in libraries as a definitive text on spam.

Learn more about the Melbourne PC User Group.

Fred Showker's Amazon Review

Fred, of The Designer's Bookshelf fame and a veteran spam warrior, says some nice things in an review:

[T]his is probably the most important book about the genre -- the level-headed, common sense book about spam -- how to avoid it and fight it.

Read the whole review here, here, or here.

"Aunty Spam's Net Patrol" (

Here's just a part of a review from Aunty Spam herself:

Anyone who is even remotely interested in the spam issue, how spammers work, why spammers spam, and, perhaps most importantly, how the rest of us are contributing to the problem, and what we can do about it, should run, not walk, to their closest bookstore or online bookseller to pick up a copy of Danny Goodman's outstanding Spam Wars.

Even the URL is flattering. Read the whole review.

"The Daily Report" (

Not a review per se, but Web design master Jeffrey Zeldman was the first to post a notice about Spam Wars. He also gives props to some deserving folks who helped with the effort. Oh yes, he encourages folks to buy the book for their aunts and uncles for the holidays. Excellent advice, I'd say, because I had them in mind while writing the book.