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March 15, 2005

The Warm-and-Fuzzy Liar

Spammers have no shame when it comes to outright lying to get you to visit their spamvertised Web sites. Look at this medz spammer message, whose Subject: line reads "Refill Reminder":

As a valued customer, we provide you with occassional information and updates.
Our records indicate that you may be in need of a refill.
We hope that you will once again, give us the opportunity to offer you a great selection, low prices, and superior customer care. If you would like to place an order or browse our current products and specials, please visit the link below:

Let's see what's wrong with this spam (aside from the grammar snafus).

  1. The From: field lists a name of "Kari Dailey" with an email address belonging to an Australian domain (ending in ".net.au"). The account name at the domain is something that a chimpanzee would have typed (11 letters, one of which is a vowel).
  2. The message is signed by Tonya Steckle, not Kari.
  3. If I'm such a good customer, wouldn't you want to address me by name, rather than a cold "Hello"?
  4. Most prescriptions I've received (for things that would need a refill) provide enough of a supply for 30 days. But your registration record for the spamvertised domain was issued 15 days ago. Hmmm.
  5. The spamvertised Web site is hosted in Russia, and the domain name claims to belong to someone in Canada. If you're so legitimate, why do you need to use a "bulletproof" hosting service?
  6. The domain name is an amalgam of (count 'em) five everyday words, none of which indicates anythink associated with medicine.
  7. I've never ordered anything from you, so how could you have any record of me?

I gotta hand it to the author of the message, however. Except for one dangling participle and a misplaced comma, the message tries to sound professional and cuddly—looking out for my needs.

But you're a spammer sending spam by way of China. And a liar.

Posted on March 15, 2005 at 10:08 PM