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August 18, 2005

Getting The Details Correct in a Reffinapnce

In their efforts to get messages past content filters, spammers commonly misspell the kinds of words that they believe filters are looking for. But quite often, the result is something close to gibberish. When it comes to entrusting my mortgage refinancing needs to a broker or lender, I don't think I'd be confident in someone who plies his wares via the following real spam message:

Danny Goodman
My name is Antonio G. Sneed and I checked your informyation and you have been approouved for a reffinapnce. Please find all details below:

Intelrest: 3.5
Temrm: 360 months

Please follow this linka for your instant activattion http://www.[redacted].com/kggaannfa.asp?opw=50122450

Thank you for your immediazte attentlion.

Very truly yours,
Antonio G. Sneed
CA Directr

The domain name claims to be registered to someone on Moscow, and the Web server is located somewhere in China. Perhaps our spammer is not a native English speaker/writer, and truly believes the message is spelled correctly.

Anyone who responds to this offer would have to be a complete doodoo—I mean, dodo.

Posted on August 18, 2005 at 11:06 AM