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January 04, 2006

Fractured English Tales

I've seen plenty of tortured English in the source code view of spam messages, but one I saw today stands out in recent memory. I think the spam is for a hookup/dating Web site of some kind, but I won't be visiting the site or retrieving the images in the message to find out for sure. The spamvertised domain was registered way, way back yesterday (January 3, 2006), so it wouldn't surprise me if a Windows user visiting the site got some kind of infection—of a computer nature in the least.

The Subject line and disclaimer must have been written by someone using a LanguageOtherThanEnglish-to-English dictionary. I don't believe even Babelfish could create such tortured constructions.

For your entertainment pleasure, here is the Subject line:

Warranted dates at the moment?

And here is the disclaimer that is supposed to explain how the message found its way to the recipient:

This communication was sent to you because yourself inquired for to be imparted of knowledge of offers from either ourselves or one of ourselves collaborators,
if you do not want to receive biddings from us again do not hesitate get hold of ourselves at this cursor.

Each time you read those lines, an English teacher somewhere on Earth gets a migraine.

Posted on January 04, 2006 at 08:37 AM