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April 01, 2007

All It Takes Is One Sucker

The combination of audacity and lack of information in the following business proposal spam makes me wonder how many (if any) respondents this guy will get.


Please find the proposal for the online real estate website development and parternership.

Investment : US$ 20,000 (In 3 installment)

Partnership : 50% ([removed] Technologies) and 50% (Your company)

Part of your Return for first year : US$ 200,000

Please email your contact details to send the details proposal.

Ravi Kant
Mobile : +1-765-000-0000 [number removed]

The named company (the supposed 50% partner) is a software and web development company based in India. Its domain name was first registered in 2001. Their web site (explicitly not identified in the email message or return address) lists Ravi Kant as the Business Development Manager, based in Bangkok, Thailand.

It's hard to say whether this message originated from, or leads to, the real Ravi Kant. I can't fathom why an established company would need to spam the world for a measly twenty grand investment. Having been in business for about six years, the firm would certainly have established a credit line with its bank—unless the company is in severe financial trouble, in which case, an investment with them would carry rather high risk.

And yet, I suppose there are gullible people out there who will drool over the promised 10x return in the first year, and make that call. They'll fail to perform due diligence or will fall under the spell of an impostor con artist. Even just one fish on the hook will make this little campaign pay for itself, and then some.

Posted on April 01, 2007 at 11:22 AM