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A Dispatch

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June 02, 2007

Failing To Know the Subtleties of English

Either someone is trying to pull off a joke, or someone is already the victim of the joke.

I glanced at a medz spam whose link URL domain is a lulu. The domain has a country-specific top-level domain—a country I won't reveal here to prevent the curious from visiting the site and adding ticks to the visit counter. So, don't bother trying to visit the .com, .org, .info, or other generic version.

Here is the text of the message (without the link punchline):

LegalRXMedications pharmacy offers all medicinal agents that you require to recover your health for a little price. We work through the globe with buyers from Europe, America and Asia. At present time you don't have to seek drug-store at your area. We necessarily transfer medicines of the highest qualityworldwide.

Visit our site purchase cures you instantly demand straightly to your residence.

We are verified by VeriSign VISA then we support secure confidential purchase.

It's clear we're not dealing with a Hemingway here. But this spammer wants us to entrust our lives to this so-called pharmacy. I imagine this is the type of pharmacy that mails pills loose in padded envelopes, as I've seen in numerous videotaped interceptions (in which some of the pills are broken or crushed, as well).

Such pills are not only not the real thing, but many have been tested to be found to contain dangerous—if not lethal—contaminants. Ingesting such tablets could be among the last things you do on the planet.

The domain name event suggests it: earthleave.

Posted on June 02, 2007 at 10:02 AM