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July 29, 2007

Test Your Scam Awareness

McAfee, the security software vendor, has a free online test everyone can take to see how well they know their email and web site scams. Focusing primarily on phishing sites and issues, takers of the ten-question quiz learn how well they can spot phony sites and email messages, as well as how much they know about general online security.

I've seen tests like these before, but they always fell short to my way of thinking because they didn't offer test takers enough information about the items in some of the questions. But this test is different. You'll commonly have to view the larger images of the web site screen captures to compare the good against the evil. Clues to which is which are embedded in different portions of the screens, as pointed out in the results page, where the warning signs are specifically pointed out.

Take the test, and aim for the Safety Guru perfect score.

Posted on July 29, 2007 at 12:29 PM