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A Dispatch

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July 18, 2008

Empty Medz

I love it when a spammer screws up such that any spam that gets through filters is bereft of meaningful content—there is no action that the user can take to benefit the spammer. It means that the spammer has expended something of value that is guaranteed to generate zero return.

<glee>Woo hoo!</glee>

Such has been the case over the past several weeks. A rather persistent medz spammer continues to spew empty messages with forged From: addresses mentioning well-known drug companies:

From: Pfizer Plans
From: Pfizer Market
From: Pfizer Promotions
From: Pfizer Discount
From: Pfizer Ltd.
From: Lilly Notice
From: Lilly Online
From: Lilly Group
From: Lilly Value

Most of the Subject: lines suggest that the message is about an order renewal. Of course there was never any original order to renew, but he hopes that mention of a renewal will get recipients to open the message.

Something in either the spam-sending bots or the way he's commanding the bot senders is cutting off the message part way through the email header.

<sarcasm>Boo hoo!</sarcasm>

Posted on July 18, 2008 at 09:16 AM