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A Dispatch

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September 06, 2008

OMG! A Spammer Lied!

A penis pill purveyor has been sending out messages that have two short sentences of clearly visible text, all of which is a clickable link. That text reads:

Your IT department has been paid to allow us to send you these mails. Check out the results

The messages also include light grey hash-busting text in the hope of bypassing whatever spam filtering "your IT department" has installed to keep this type of crap out of your inbox.

I wasn't born yesterday, but the domain for the link was. In a double joke, the registrant used a domain registration service that doesn't reveal any information about the registrant beyond his name: SUNMM in this case. As if spammers use real info in their domain tasting scams!

No one reading this blog, of course, would believe for an instant that this spammer had greased the palms of the IT department to get past the barricades. But it wouldn't surprise me to find non-techie employees at decent-sized companies taking this at face value. They either fear or dislike the IT department. In the first case, they obey anything that has an "IT" stamp on it—fake or real—and will immediately click the link; in the second case, they'll get angry that those nerds in the IT department are getting rich off spammers, and will check out the link to see what the pitch is all about. If the spammer—the one doing the mailing, not necessarily the one selling the pills—gets paid for hits on the spamvertised web site, he wins. He now has verifiable statistics that his botnet emailing system works (delivering suckers potential customers), meaning he can pitch it to other sellers.

Many of these messages naturally arrive at servers like mine, where I am the IT department. If only they'd offer me some coin to spam me. I could use the dough, and I have Dave Null's inbox ready to receive in large quantities.

Posted on September 06, 2008 at 10:41 AM