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October 02, 2008

Why Risk Your Company's Reputation With Lies?

Scenario: You have what appears to be a legitimate business with an online presence. To solicit new business, you fill out response forms at other web sites with a message that includes an outright lie.

What were you thinking?

Here is what a recruiting company in Mumbai, India sent me via the spamwars.com contact form:

Hi Sir,
This is vijay here received your e-mail on my ID: [removed]@gmail.com, this e-mail is in regard to assist you in recruitment and staffing, as we are our a leading staffing company + BPO. We understood your requirement, For more details you can write us on vinod@[removed real company domain].com. Awaiting take this relationship forward as business partner.


Not only have I never heard of this outfit, I certainly did not send any email message to this guy or anyone at the company. And, as a one-man show, I am not hiring and have nothing to outsource. And don't get me started on the lack of English skills to instill confidence in your professionalism.

I wonder if they run radio commercials in India. If so, they can add the tag line: "That's Crux Management Service...building our business through lies and bad grammar. That's Crux Management Service."

Posted on October 02, 2008 at 09:05 PM