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A Dispatch

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November 26, 2008

Sending Spam to Myself

I've heard that some sleep aid medications can cause takers to do weird things in their sleep, such as emptying the refrigerator into their mouths and even going for a drive. There are no such tablets in my house, so apparently I'm not the one responsible for the slew of spam in the last couple of days that arrived at my server sent From: Danny Goodman. This type of thing has happened occasionally in years gone by, but recent arrivals have seemed more like a flood.

Much of the self-addressed spam was for that wretched "Canadian Pharmacy." Some others were written in Italian, pushing a work-from-home scam from which I supposedly can earn 584-1123 euros per week (how precise!) if I respond to a gmail.com address.

Sales trainers tell students that people like to hear the sounds of their own names. The opposite is true when some robot sends spam in your name. You never know if just the one message you received has your name and address on it, or if tens of thousands of messages will cause you to be labeled a spammer in the minds of recipients who don't understand that From: fields are easily forged.

Seeing the list of spam with my name and address in the From: field reminds me of the schoolyard bully who grabs the wrist of an unsuspecting classmate and repeatedly hits the victim's face with the victim's own hand, while saying each time "Stop hurting yourself." At least I'm comforted knowing that I haven't been sending email in my sleep...which is good because Canadian Pharmacy has no pills for somnospamnia.

Posted on November 26, 2008 at 08:50 AM