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A Dispatch

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January 17, 2009

The Subtleties of Language

Here is an actual Subject: line of an email I saw:

Subject: Find the second half is very simple

When I see the words second half, I envision a sporting event. And, since it's near the end of football season here in the U.S., my mind's eye pictures a front line of padded and helmeted behemoths ready to tear an opponent's head off.

Unfortunately for the spammer, my mental picture was thrown askew by the message body:

Can not find the second half? Want to meet a loving wife and mother of their children?
Luxury Russian Queen is what you need... just visit http://www.[removed]-m0dels.com/?idAff=8

best regards, Nina(owner)

Oh, you mean other half.

I'm not about to follow that link for two reasons. First, unknown web sites promising to display photos of women are typically vectors for malware. Even though my Mac is probably protected from those types of "drive-by" attempts, the second reason for not visiting kicks in. Note that the URL includes an affiliate ID. My visit to the site might put some kopeks into the pocket of the spammer. Forget it.

I'm also not interested in spending time viewing pictures of Russian women built like left guards getting ready to play the second half.

Posted on January 17, 2009 at 11:07 AM