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A Dispatch

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April 24, 2009

File Under "Haw, haw"

Two ridiculous Subject: lines passed my eyes this morning. Not that craziness in this header field is anything new, but one has to wonder about the numskulls who dream this stuff up.

First on the docket is one trying to be topical:

Subject: Obama has given us over $1BILLION to distribute affordable prescription drugs!

This from a run-of-the-mill medz spammer pitching no-prescription-needed hard stuff. Sadly, I think this line will actually get a pretty good click-through rate as taxpayers track down the latest purported bailout. Heck, it may even show up on Fox News at the center of an investigation of how the Obama administration is pushing federally funded illegal drugs.

And then comes this gem:

From: OPERA Fan
Subject: As Seen On OPERA! the Only Genuine Pharmacy Online

Time for some English diction lessons: "Oh, oh, oh. Prah, prah, prah." Unless: A) Tristan is playing the role of Isolde's Vicodin mule; or B) You can't view the medz web site on Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

Posted on April 24, 2009 at 09:56 AM