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A Dispatch

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June 28, 2009

Item Followups

I'm going to combine updates of two different items in this posting. One is kinda funny, the other not at all. I'll deal with the unfunny one first.

In yesterday's post, I talked about a malware-looking ecard spam message that led to a medz spamming page. The campaign continues, but the URLs are now leading to an executable PC file (.exe) that is pure malware.

What interests me most about this is that for the past few years, I've seen plenty of evidence that the originators of many malware lures and the so-called Canadian Pharmacy medz (and other) spam are one in the same. "They" mail to the same lists (which include some of my spamtrap addresses), and there is a similarity to their campaign tactics. I think the medz link in yesterday's email was a glitch in their system, and it only added more to the argument that this medz/sex/knockoffs spam gang is actively involved in building botnets and stealing private information (e.g., trojans that steal password credentials).

I'd like to think that if those who buy from the spammers knew they were funding malware development and distribution activity, they'd think twice. But that's like saying a heroin addict who learns where poppy plants are grown would care about funding the Taliban.

For part two of this update, I remind you of the posting about a 419er who exposes 400 email addresses in his "You've won an award!" spam. I just saw a spam message from a 419er who indavertently acknowledges he's not smart enough to figure out how to disguise recipient email addresses as blind copies (BCC). But he is aware that the To: addresses are open for viewing:

Subject: HI

the nigeria government is given $35,million us$ contract payment for
2010 africa world cup to 80 lucky people, all the 80 emails are will
shown please cross check to see if you can see your email if you do
please kindly fill this form below.

1, your full name
2, your phone number
3, your country
4, your sex
5, your age
6, your home address
7, your occupation
8, your international passport

please reply to this email address below


Isn't it odd that the 80 lucky people all have email addresses that start with the same two letters? This guy has a way to go before he understands how to send his blocks of spam to a randomized list of rented addresses if he intends to expose them. Oh, and he also needs to learn how to count because the contiguous block of addresses in the message I received contained 90 addresses, not 80.

Bad 419er! Go sit in the corner.

Posted on June 28, 2009 at 11:17 AM