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A Dispatch

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July 15, 2009

Cue "Mission Impossible" Theme Music

Here's another variation on the 419 email message that invokes the United Nations to lend credibility to an outright scam (previous posts here and here). This time, however, we get the intrigue of a "Diplomatic Attaché", who, believing he is carrying sensitive photographic film (shh, don't tell him otherwise), will supposedly visit your house with sealed boxes of cash.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Lt General Sam Edwards National Special Adviser,I am delighted to inform you that the contract panel, which just concluded it seating in our department just released your name amongst contractors to benefit from the Diplomatic Immunity Payment. This Panel was primarily delegated to investigate manipulated contract claims,contracts and over-invoiced payment as the effect has eaten deep into the economy of our dear country here in UNITED KINGDOM UK..

However, we wish to bring to your notice that your contract profile is still reflecting in our central computer as as it was instructed by the UNITED NATION unpaid contractor while auditing was going on. Your contract file was forwarded to my office by the auditors as unclaimed fund, we wish to use this medium to inform you that for the time being Federal Government have stopped further payment through bank to bank transfer due to contractors numerous petitions to United Nations against banks on wrong payment and diversion of contract funds to different account.

In this regards we are going to send your contract part payment of $10.100,000.00 Million USD.To you via our accredited shipping company via diplomatic means and I have secured every needed documents to cover the money. Note: The money is coming on 2 security proof boxes. The boxes are sealed with synthetic nylon seal and padded with machine.

Please you don't have to worry for anything, as the transaction is 100% risk free. The boxes are coming with a Diplomatic agent who will accompany the boxes to your house address. All you need to do now is to send to me your full house address and your identity such as, international Passport or drivers license and your mobile phone and telephone number, The Diplomatic Attach? will travel with it. He will call you immediately he arrives your country's airport. I hope you understand me.

Note: The diplomat does not know the original contents of the boxes. What we declared to them as the contents is Sensitive Photographic Film Materials for security reasons.I did not declare money to them please. If they call you and ask you the contents please tell them the same thing. email ([removed]@mail2broker.com) I will let you know how far I have gone with the arrangement. I will secure the Diplomatic immunity clearance certificate, which will make it pass every custom checkpoint all over the world without hitch. Confirm the receipt of this message and send the requirements to me immediately you receive this message. Please I need urgent reply because the boxes are schedule to live as soon as we hear from you. Call me immediately.



Best Regards,
Lt General Sam Edwards.
National Security Adviser.

Note: Make sure you reply and forward the needed information to this email address:[removed]@mail2broker.com

Even if you don't pay a cent to this scammer (I guarantee you that this phony baloney transaction won't avoid some "hitches" that need upfront grease payments from you), your first response will include enough information for your identity to be lifted. Then the only people coming to your house will be the men in white jackets, as they carry your blathering being to the loony bin.

Posted on July 15, 2009 at 08:39 AM