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October 01, 2009

Medz Spammer Wants Orders NOW

There's an old sales tactic that encourages potential customers to purchase sooner rather than later. Basically, the seller must convey some sense of urgency to the purchase. "While supplies last." "Sale ends Monday." "Limited time only." Heck, I'm using the very same tactic with a sale I'm currently running on my iPhone apps.

It's one thing to use this tactic with honesty. It's quite another to cook up some lie to increase the sense of urgency to buy now. That's exactly what one medz spammer is doing (a medz spammer lying...surprise, surprise!). The bogus urgency is in the form of a notice of "account deactivation deadline." I'll bet you didn't even know you had an account.

Because you don't.

In any case, the fear being peddled here is that unless you order today, any future prescription medz purchase will require a prescription. What a crock! These outfits wouldn't know what to do with a prescription if it landed in their laps.

Here's the mailing piece:

Medz spammer account deadline email message

I got a laugh at the end of the message when this seller claims to be a member of the Online Drug Association. From what I can gather, there is no such organization (although there is a Japan Online Drug Association). If you Google the association name, you do get hits, but DO NOT CLICK THOSE LINKS. Finjan rates those sites as being dangerous for your computer's health.

My advice to anyone receiving this email message: Delete Now!

Posted on October 01, 2009 at 08:19 AM