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January 14, 2010

What a Haiti Earthquake Charity Scam Looks Like

Major disasters bring out the best in people...but also the worst people. Look at this piece of email crap coming from a non-existent organization:

From: "Davis Pipe" <help-raise-haiti@apennyalife.org>
Subject: Lets help raise Haiti...

Good day,

I am Davis Pipe, the founder of A penny a life charity organisation, i'm sure everyone is aware and familiar with the Haiti Earthquake disaster. We at APAL Charity have decided to raise aid to the people of Haiti, the silence is leaving their country broken and we as human can stretch our hands and reach a life, nothing is too little.

So far we've been able to raise $2,650,819.68 from our online and phone donations. We decided to reach anonymously to people and see how further we can raise the donations to, if you feel it in your heart to make a donation please do and have it sent via Western Union to our Regional Oversea.

Name: Frank Bacon
Location: Atlanta, Georgia.

Please once donations are made, get back to us with the informations below;

Senders name:
Senders location:

If you choose to make anonymous donations, do contact me davispipe@[free email service domain removed].com.

Lets save a life today, God has been ever merciful keeping us out of harms way, lets return the favour.

Thanks and God bless.

Davis Pipe.
APAL Charity Foundation

There is no such organization, nor would any legitimate charity solicit funds in this fashion. Utterly despicable.

Posted on January 14, 2010 at 02:39 PM