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February 07, 2010

Short and Sour 419er

We're so used to the long sob story associated with 419 advance-fee scam email messages, that the brevity of one I saw today is almost refreshing. Almost.

Subject: Contact Scarlet Courier Company For Deliver Your Package


I just received a call from the Director of Scarlet Courier Service Company Ghana that the consignment box that was sent to you was returned due to wrong address, this consignment box contained your US$850,000,00. Eight Hundred And Fifty Thousand united state dollars, Your compensation fund.

Therefore call the director (Jeffery Walter) on Tel: (+233 - 248-xxx-xxx ) email him at: ([removed]@diplomats.com) and give him your correct address and Phone number.
Use this code (XA-8550) as the subject of your mail to them for identification.

Yours Truly.
Mr. Victor Kwasigha

We who follow email scams recognize this one for what it is just from the Subject: line. But I have seen several independent stories recently about retirees getting caught up in the crooks' sticky webs. The dream of a quick buck dropping into one's lap — and the immense skill 419ers have in stringing victims along — drive already financially-strapped seniors to the poor house. It becomes impossible to convince a victim that no money will ever flow in his or her direction.

Posted on February 07, 2010 at 03:58 PM