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March 13, 2011

Advance-Fee Fraud Threatens Arrest for Not Responding

Perhaps this is a sign that 419 (advance fee) scammers are finding it more difficult to lure suckers into their traps. The one I'm about to show you raises the stakes to play on fear of anything bearing the "Department of Homeland Security" name.

Like many 419 email tales, this one is confusing at times (probably pieced together from multiple messages) and frequently barely in English (even though it claims to originate from the U.S.). I'll try to consolidate the story so you can get the gist.

The pot of gold at the end of this rainbow is a supposed ATM card tied to $3 million. A Nigerian diplomat carrying the card on his way to hand it to me was detained at the Albuquerque, NM airport by something called International Homeland Security. For me to get the card, I must present a Clearance Ownership Certificate. If I don't have the certificate, I can contact someone at a post.com email address to obtain it. This, BTW, is the hook that puts gullible recipients into the crook's clutches. Once that contact starts, this guy will drain a sucker for all kinds of fees.

Peel away all the ATM, diplomat, and homeland security nonsense, and it's back to the traditional 419 scam: Somebody in Nigeria has to do something for me in order for the millions to get to me. Except there are no millions, and all the money will go in one direction: to Nigeria (or wherever).

What's truly different about this mailing is the threat of arrest for not coming up with the certificate. They claim that if I don't provide the certificate in five days, I'll be arrested for money laundering. By coming up with the certificate, they'll not only release the card to me, but will let the detained diplomat go free and the American government will not question me. They insist on this process because they are trying to quash scammer operations.

In case you're interested, here is the complete unedited 419 letter:

Subject: United States Department of Homeland Security.





Direct Phone:206-666-[removed].




We office of the international Homeland Security authority (HLS) hereby write to inform you that we caught a diplomatic Man called Mr.Monday Adama under the TNT courier from Nigeria at(ABQ-Albuquerque, NM,USA Albuquerque International Airport) here in USA with (ATM CARD REGISTRATION NUMBER:CVEL/OWN/9876 9999 02)And PACKAGE WEIGHT: 0.5KG contents of Three Million Dollars we scan into the card bearing your name.

Meanwhile, base on our interview to the diplomat he said that the ATM CARD belongs to you, that he was sent by one Mr.Frank Mike from tnt office in Nigeria under the instruction of presidency and authority of Nigeria to deliver the ATM CARD to your doorstep as a compensation funds Inheritance/lotto fund:

Now the diplomat is under detention in the office of (HLS) security, and we cannot release him until we carry out our proper investigation on how this ($3.Million Dollars)ATM CARD amount of money managed to be yours before we will release him with the ATM CARD PACKAGE. So, in this regards you are to reassure and prove to us that the ATM CARD you are about to receive is legal by sending us the Award Clearance Ownership Certificate showing that the ATM CARD is not illegal.

Note, that the Certificate must to be secured from the in Nigeria, why because that is the only office that will issue you the original Atm Card Clearance Ownership Certificate of this ATM CARD fund.

This is because the Atm Card fund originated from Nigeria. You are advised to forward immediately the Clearance Ownership Certificate if you have it with you or You Urgently contact back the sender of the diplomat which is (Mr.Frank Mike) from Nigeria to help you secure the Clearance Ownership Certificate so that your ATM CARD $3,Million Dollars Will be Released and Deliver to your Destination.

Below is the contact information of the person that sent the diplomat According to the Agent Diplomat: Mr.Monday Adama

Contact Name:Frank Mike

Contact Email :( frankmike@post.com

Furthermore we are giving you only but 5 working business days to forward the requested Atm Card Clearance Ownership Certificate. Please note that we shall get back to you after the 5 working business days. that if you didn‚t come up with the certificate we shall confiscate your ATM funds into World Bank account then charge you for money laundering by Arresting you, but if you forward the Atm Card Clearance Ownership Certificate in your name then we will release the agent Diplomat with your (ATM CARD PACKAGE) also gives you every back up on YOUR ATM CARD for the Delivery and America Government will not question you, and also we are working serious to put down scammers operation Contact Mr.Frank their Head person Urgent now.

Feel free to act on our instruction we are not aiming you or jail you we are making it batter for you to have your Atm Card legitimated with back up document for our law be fulfill and legalize. be rest assure your Atm Master Card are safe here at homeland security office until the Document procure from you.

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation

Yours Truly.

John T. Morton

Assistant Secretary

Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Washington, DC 20528,

Email: contacts@usa.com

As preposterous as this email message sounds, I can foresee some susceptible recipients freaking out at the threats. If you know of anyone who might get caught up in this type of extortion, please do your best to talk them out of it, or at least have them confirm with the real Department of Homeland Security that this is a hoax.

Posted on March 13, 2011 at 12:40 PM