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A Dispatch

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December 07, 2017

A Lure to Disaster

It's a common pattern from evil senders, but one that will certainly trick lots of recipients to click the link in the message:

From: admin@supportbtc.com
Subject: CONGRATS, You're ALL SETUP!

Hi there,

Thank you for becoming a loyal
member of our group.

We have a very important gift for you:

==>> Click here to download it right now

Be sure to keep this for yourself,
as it's priceless, and we don't want
it in the wrong hands.

Take care

Some recipients, who think they're smart and tech-savvy, might equate the easily forged From: address domain to Bitcoin. They'd be wrong, of course, but the mistake gets the juices flowing that somehow this "group" wants to download some Bitcoin to your computer. It's priceless!

To the truly smart person, however, this message stinks to high heaven:

  1. You are not addressed by name in any way
  2. You didn't apply to join this group (which you can't identify)
  3. The group doesn't identify itself by name
  4. The link goes to a URL signifying connection with Bolivia

The link's site (I'm intentionally not revealing it for your safety) is so toxic, my virus protection software won't even allow a visit there. But if you were to manage to get through, the download would certainly be malware or worse (e.g., ransomware).

Posted on December 07, 2017 at 03:10 PM