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A Dispatch

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July 16, 2018

The Extortion Trick Must Be Working

I'm genuinely sad to say that the recent rapid spread of the Bitcoin extortion scams described here and here indicates that enough recipients are being fooled into paying the ransom to encourage more crooks around the world to use the same scam.

On the other hand, if you know that these messages are pure horse hockey, the various machine translations by non-English speakers are somewhat entertaining. Here are two I received in the past two days:

Subject: You're my victim

Hi, victim.
I writе you bеcause I put а mаlware оn thе wеb pagе with роrn whiсh yоu have visitеd.
My virus grabbed all your рersonal infо and turnеd оn yоur camerа whiсh cаptured the prосess оf your onаnism. Just аfter that the soft sаvеd your соntaсt list.
I will dеlеte thе cоmрromising vidео аnd info if you рay me 300 USD in bitcоin. This is аddress fоr рayment : 1KGJEVP5ygu5XPKbXC3X7BZ8YMXqppQGUV

I givе you 30 hоurs after you оpеn my messаge for mаking thе transасtion.
Аs soon as you rеad thе message I'll sее it right awаy.
It is nоt neсessary to tеll me thаt you hаve sent monеy to mе. This аddress is сonnеctеd tо yоu, my systеm will deletе еvеrything automаtically аftеr trаnsfer cоnfirmаtiоn.
If yоu nеed 48 h just rеply оn this letter with +.
You can visit the роlice station but nobody саn help you.
If yоu try tо dесеivе me , I'll sеe it right аway !
I dоnt livе in yоur сountry. So thеy саn not track my lоcаtiоn еven for 9 mоnths.
Goоdbye. Dоnt forgеt abоut thе shame and to ignоrе, Yоur lifе cаn be ruinеd.

Subject: Tickеt#928540465: 16/07/2018 07:53:17 Ῐts up to you to make a right decision

Hope you will not care about my language sentence structure, considering that i am from Denmark. I toxified your system with a virus and now have all of your personal information from your computer system.

It was set up on a mature web site then you've picked the online video and clicked on it, my software quickly got into your computer.

Then, your cam recorded you hand fucking, besides i captured a movie that you've looked at.

After a little while it also picked up every one of your social contact info. If you ever need me to erase your everything i have - transmit me 680 euros in btc it's a crypto-currency. It is my btc account transfer address : 1NxAmbD8p6ZtWa1e9Azjta5wk5MEZpqRQN

At this point you will have 27hours. to make a decision Once i will get the deal i'll wipe out this footage and everything completely. Otherwise, you should be sure that your footage would be forwarded to all your contacts.

In my experience, you don't see criminal activity repeated online unless it is working. The cost for this kind of email campaign is negligible, All they need is a couple of suckers to pay up, and they've made it big.

Don't be a sucker.

Posted on July 16, 2018 at 10:45 AM