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August 24, 2006

Is spamwars.com Being "Joe-Jobbed?"

Over the past few days, a few people have used the Contact Form here to leave "interesting" comments for me, such as:

  • remove me from your database
  • Stop spamming me

Unfortunately I get no further details, but the signals indicate that there is spam that either purports to come from spamwars.com or spamvertises the site.

For the record:

  1. No email originates from the spamwars.com server.
  2. Any email that I send with a From: field showing a spamwars.com domain is a one-off, personal message, usually in response to another personal message. Such emissions from me are extremely rare, as most of my email goes out from another domain.
  3. I do not maintain any kind of email address database or mailing list.
  4. I do not send out newsletters. The RSS feeds from my blog (to which users anonymously subscribe through their browsers or newsreaders, and read when they want to) are the only non-Web based communications vehicle I use for this site.
  5. I do not, nor have I ever asked or hired anyone to, send automated email advertising this site. To do so would be beyond stupid.

If you receive a spam message that in some fashion points back to spamwars.com, please use the Contact Form to send me the complete source view of the message so I can analyze it on this end.

It's possible that one of my blog entries pissed off a spammer; or a phisher would like to see my success at taking down phishing sites cut short by damaging the reputation of the site. How pitiful.

Posted on August 24, 2006 at 11:27 PM